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Launch & Beyond

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Your brands in the long run

A frequent mistake in brand communications consists in focusing on short term milestones and believing that life cycle management will keep feeding the news flow.

If leveraging milestones deserves professional care to optimize the brand goodwill, it is not enough to rally all stakeholders behind shared objectives. Furthermore, it’s usually when the commercial team runs out of new messages that you wish a creative PR effort could keep your product up in the air. This calls for anticipation.

What we propose:
  • We help all functions get aligned on the flawless execution of communications and advocacy plans.

  • We deliver the usual tools and tactics (press releases, Q&A, talking points, press briefing, etc) in an efficient, impactful way.

  • We support commercial and corporate affairs teams in preparing global launch of new products.

  • We create early enough brand-related initiatives or platforms with a strong PR potential that can be activated when news become scarce.

We help your brand being mentioned beyond the pace of milestones...

…and make happy brand directors!

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