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Areas of expertise

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Over the years, as a consultant or in-house, we have developed a true and recognized expertise in 4 areas. This comes with a deep familiarity and ease with the most common techniques of modern communications: writing and editorial skills, media relations, digital & social media, internal comms, PR, advocacy, congress & events, issue management...


Glass Ceiling


Strong reputation often starts with a coherent, engaging story. Then you need original levers to disrupt in a crowded arena. Finally, it is all about flawless execution of a comprehensive plan to be recognized by all stakeholders. We can help on all those dimensions.

  • We have raised the awareness of a new, post-merger company among the top 3 of its sector in less that 2 years.

  • We have transformed the reputation of a company known as a single-product company into a diversified champion of targeted treatment.

  • We have crafted the leadership story of a re-merging leader in Oncology.

Reaching a Deal



We enable efficient public and government affairs strategies. To open the doors of policy makers, to be invited at the decision-making table, you need to create the appropriate opportunities, or come with the right partners. We can help on both.

  • We have shaped a consensual platform of meetings and high-level interactions for a French company around a pioneering focus on family caregivers.

  • We have brought together stakeholders from different backgrounds to accelerate the adoption of screening in lung cancer.


Media Interview


The value of Brand PR goes beyond media clippings. If properly done, it enables to rally external stakeholders before launch and prepare the marketplace. It forces the organization to align on clear, key messages. Finally, it creates the conditions for a continued buzz and keeping the brand top of mind.  

  • 12+ global launches of new medicines over the past decade and about 10 in the US and France.

  • Experience in oncology, respiratory, neurology, cardiology and rare diseases.

Patient and Nurse



In our ageing societies, the ecosystem around the patients constitutes an unexplored area of needs, and opportunities. It comes with its own complexity and characteristics. We know them and can guide you.

  • We have authored and directed 5 books on different dimensions of the role of family caregivers.

  • Our Ph.D in Medical Ethics related to the ethical issues of  involving family caregivers in  patients' care.



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