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Who we are

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JOUBLIN consulting, LLC is organized around the leadership of Hugues Joublin, Founder and Principal, with the ad hoc support of independent professionals who are experts in their field: graphic designer, information broker, media relations expert, medical redactor…

This bank of diverse capabilities and knowledge as well as the company’s flexible structure allow us to provide customised, 360-degree solutions in a cost-effective manner – no wasteful overheads and no outrageous bills.


Hugues Joublin is a senior professional in Communications, Public Affairs, Brand Advocacy and Marketing Operations, with a broad experience in the Pharma industry across Specialty and Primary care, in the retailing sector and retail service industry, and the pet food industry.


Former head of Global Corporate Affairs for a re-emerging leader in Oncology, and previously Vice President, Oncology Communications and Advocacy for one of the Top 3 Pharma companies, he has 20+ years of experience counseling senior leaders and leading corporate and brand communications, patient group relations, internal communications, and policy & government affairs at executive committee level.


Hugues has most recently lived 10 years in the USA. He began his career as a public relations consultant in Paris.


Hugues holds a Ph.D in Medical Ethics from Paris Sud-11 University on the role of family caregivers and a Master’s degree in Communications from CELSA Sorbonne.

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