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Consumer 360

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Embrace your consumers' ecosystem

Your consumers cannot simply be defined by
their needs
. Their relationships determine
who they are

“Consumer centricity” is a pointless
concept if it leads to ignoring the
complex network that connects
the consumer to their environ-

ment. Your product, your service,

is one part of this ecosystem.

Embracing the complexity of your
consumer’s journey goes beyond
traditional market research
. It calls

for a real 360 approach that considers

all the involved parties.

What we propose:

We explore and map the relationships that

define your consumers, understand how
your  products / services  can impact
beyond  their  primary  audience


We bring the full value and diver-
sity of academic social studies to
better  understand  the  context
where  your  consumer’s  needs
get  forged and  can  be  fulfilled


We  create  innovative  platforms for

your brands either focused on the

consumers’ ecosystem or through bold

collaborations with partners who focus on the

different stakeholders of the ecosystem.


We help you go beyond the obvious and unlock the full value attached to your product / service…

…potentially moving your business towards a different model.

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