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The Fear of Price

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The price of fear

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For Pharma, the pricing debate keeps being a stone in the shoe. The balance seems delicate between the value of innovation and its cost for society. Often, leaders and employees feel an understandable discomfort talking about pricing. This opens a space for bashing Big Pharma and pushing anti-industry legislation.

What we propose:
  • We help leverage innovative pricing solutions into a positive corporate narrative that demonstrates your company is listening and solution-oriented.

  • We counsel your team to empower diverse advocates and avoid being pushed in a lonely corner.

  • We help Market Access transform technical arguments into assertive messages, build narratives that win through the power of metaphors and analogies.

  • We develop tailored trainings to help employees master the non-technical elements of the discussion.

We help push the patient value on top of the agenda. Emotion gets off the table for a more positive dynamic.

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