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With a deep but not exclusive expertise in Pharma and life sciences, we offer strategic counsel and tactical delivery in 4 areas:

  • Corporate Reputation

  • Influence strategies

  • Brand maximization

  • Patients, caregivers and vulnerability management


We have developed 10 approaches to address some of the most common issues you may face. They are experience-based and have proved to be successful. But our first step is always to listen and understand your specific needs.
A bit of experience just allows to get faster sometimes...


We have transformed the reputation of companies on the long term. We have launched medicines in large, rare and complex diseases. We have brought together companies from different sectors, NGOs, professional associations in successful coalitions. We have helped organizations embrace new strategies and adopt major changes. Just ask us...


JOUBLIN consulting, LLC is a small consultancy led by Hugues Joublin that aims to support companies of any size on their corporate affairs and brand communications challenges with flexible, tailored service.

We operate on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, with the ability to relay global programs at a national level or leverage local initiatives towards global headquarters.

With JOUBLIN consulting, LLC, you are sure to benefit from a very scalable team of experts who will constantly advise you on your best strategic options and deliver the tactics you need.


Whether you have a project in mind, would like to learn more about what we do, have a question, or are interested in working with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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